Electrical Services

Servicing all your electrical needs with a team of experienced technicians, no job is too big or too small.

Our team of reliable, experience and quality technicians are available to attend to all your electrical requirements. Out team has extensive experience in commercial, retail and residential or domestic areas.

The range of our electrical services are extensive, few of these are mentioned below:

  • Lighting upgrades and new installation of lighting and power.
  • RCD safety switches and smoke detectors.
  • Upgrade of electrical mains and sub-mains.
  • Testing and tagging of electrical appliances. 
  • Testing of RCD’s and emergency lighting. 
  • Phone and data points.
  • Security lighting etc…

Electrical Installations

Electrical installations include the electrical wiring, electrical machinery and electrical components that are fixed to a building. installations include, for instance, fuse boxes, generator installations, ceiling lights, power sockets, large items of machinery termination. 

CSC will plan and design, select and install, commission, test, report, maintain, fault find and repair systems to a high standard. 

Data Infrastructure (Data Cabling & Crimping)

an increasing number of customers require access to the internet and charging facilities for their tablets, mobile phones and laptops. By meeting your customer’s needs they will stay for longer and return time and time again.

To help accommodate this growing demand we can install discrete first fix data cabling, or a complete installation allowing your customers to ‘plug and play’ any time.

Intercom Installation & Commissioning

We also specialize in installation and repair of intercom systems according to the customer’s needs. We provide customized intercom systems for residential buildings, commercial building, schools, retail stores, offices and more.

We install different types of intercom systems, including:

  • Audio / Video Intercom systems with APP.
  • Wireless intercom systems.
  • IP Based Intercom systems.
  • Audio intercoms.
  • Telephone Entry Systems,
  • Wireless doorbell buzzer systems.
  • Rom to room intercom systems.

Fire Alarm Wiring System

Our technicians at CSC have experience with Fire Alarm Wiring System and can install manual alarms that allow you to alert the people in the building to a hazardous situation as well as automatic fire detection systems that go a step beyond, detecting and reporting heat or smoke instantly and automatically via a 24 hour monitoring station. 

Integrated Electronic Security Systems

Whether you’re a single industrial or corporate building or a multi-campus healthcare facility, you need a custom designed and technologically advanced integrated security system based on your company’s specific need.

Below are the systems and services we provide under Integrate Security systems:

  • Integrate Security Management System.
  • CCTV Video Surveillance system.
  • Fiber Optic Video & Data Transmission system
  • Digital Video Storage Systems.
  • Fence Intrusion Detection system.
  • Microwave Intrusion Detection System
  • Access Control System.
  • High Security Turnstiles.
  • Metal Detectors and X-Ray Machines.

Fault Finding & Repair

Fault Finding is the investigation of the cause of malfunction in machinery, especially electronic equipment. the following is a concise list of Standard / Fundamental Faults that are the most common causes of a circuit ceasing to operate correctly:

  • Loss of supply.
  • Earth fault.
  • Dead short.
  • Correct protective device in place.
  • Defective components.
  • Breakdown of control circuits.
  • Reversed polarity.
  • Initial faults on newly installed work.
  • Phase rotation.
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